March 5, 2024

Dr. Kangs Queary, MD, DH

Dr. Kangs Queary, born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, has led an extraordinary life that has taken him from the world of technical engineering to a career in medicine, and finally to his passion for writing about his beloved hometown. An exceptional student, Dr. Queary attended the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he earned his degree in technical specification specialization. Despite his impressive achievements in the field, Dr. Queary's heart was drawn to medicine, inspired by the desire to make a tangible difference in people's lives. After completing his medical degree, Dr. Queary pursued further specialization in both general medicine and dental hygiene. As a medical doctor and dental hygienist, he dedicated his career to providing top-quality care to the people of Topeka, earning a reputation for his compassionate bedside manner and unwavering commitment to his patients. After several decades of service, Dr. Queary decided to retire from the medical profession. However, his passion for helping others and his love for his hometown of Topeka remained undiminished. He turned to writing as a way to stay connected to his community and to share the fascinating stories and events that make Topeka a unique and vibrant place to live.