February 29, 2024



if you feel your first amendment rights are being violated, I want to know which branch of government we belong to

Actually Done 4 features two kinds of articles. Many articles are parody editorial articles, which can be identified by any article not marked as Fact-Checked. These parody articles include information that is:

  • an artistic work of fiction and falsehood
  • queer to a degree that only a fool would take anything posted as truth
  • written as statement of parody or opinion
  • possibly produced by AI 

Authors who want their articles to stand out above parodies and AI-generated stories may request permission to use the “Fact-Checked” category for a specific article if:

  • All images and photographs presented in the article are either authentic or contain true information (charts, infographics, etc).
  • All statements made are either fully a personal opinion of the author or is able to be proven through court, admission, or video/photographic evidence. Accusations without evidence are alleged. 
  • Any unproven statements or accusations be labeled as such and given a source, even if attributed anonymously (These sources MUST exist, authors cannot use voices in their heads)

At the end of the day, we are independent and amateur writers. While we very much attempt to follow the ethics of journalism, we may get something wrong. This is basically a blog for a bunch of idiots on the internet writing about whatever the heck we want, but to us it’s so much more. It’s a community hub.

Any mistakes or unethical content can and should be reported to site staff.

contact: We are accepting requests for stories, especially that other larger media outlets aren’t covering.

Publisher & site owner: ‪(803) 250-6850‬ available after noon EST or text anytime


Any complaints about a specific article can be left in the comments without signing up or you can contact us with any comments or inquiries. As the site publisher I can respond to complaints about other authors’ articles.


We allow most people who request to become an author to do so and encourage them to express themselves artistically to the greatest extent that their imagination and resources allow. This includes utilizing any sources of information that are publicly available or available to online journalists, as well as tools like “AI” language models and image generation “AI”s such as Dall-E, GPT, Craiyon, Stable Diffusion, etc. 

We Use AI. What does this mean? How do we use it?

Many of our authors choose to utilize new language models and image generation & diffusion software to assist them in writing articles, parody or otherwise. We do not require specific disclosure of an author having used AI to assist them in writing articles, parody or otherwise, but we have the categories AI-Generated and AI-Assisted depending on how much the author customized the content. You can usually recognize articles written by GPT 3.0/3.5, but articles written utilizing the new GPT 4.0 model or equivalent software from other companies may be more indistinguishable from articles written by a human. 

Some authors choose to copy/paste what the AI spits out, some authors choose to use it to make outlines or a skeleton of an article they can then add substance to. The amazing things these tools can do are only beginning to be discovered, and through our website several individuals have gone on to utilize AI in other ways, such as coding addons for video game Garry’s Mod or predicting how certain chemicals will interact in a given combination to cut down on laboratory time.

Hate Speech:

We do not moderate or censor what content our artists and authors post in their articles outside of anything that may inspire actual hate or harm against any real person; especially but not limited to regarding posting private information such as addresses, phone numbers, links to social media accounts besides public figures making statements, copywritten information, and more. This includes usage or reference of any slurs outside of when there is genuine journalistic intent (such as a fact-checked news article exposing a video or quote of a racist (cancel culture!!!)).



Due to site error, some articles written prior to 2023 are erroneously attributed to Dr Jones